Welkom op mijn Blog

My blog is for people who are interested in an art textile.

In recent years, increasing attention has been given to my 3D work.

My inspiration is nature. I would like to share my experiences with others.

dinsdag 26 februari 2013

2015 Fête de la laine

 Dans un galerie à Crest, expo avec la Trame de Soi


2015 fait pour la Maison des tresses et lacets,
expo avec la Trame de Soi


2014 expo in Roanne 

In 2013 I'am exposing my work in the textile museum Wesserling. My jewelry is for sale at the museum.

2012 Aniane
Tétraèdre dans un cercle

I participated at a contest  Art in Textile with the subject « nature is my friend ».
I won a special price of the Jury.
I have exhibited in Morzine, Menthon and  in Aniane in France. If you are searching on internet  at  “Louise Hoeksema van den Bergh” you will find an extensive collection of photos.